Beginners Section

A hallmark of our club is the ‘Beginners' Section’, where those new to the game of golf can join together, with others of the same ability, to develop their game.

The section meets on Monday mornings at 10.30 am when, under the watchful eye of an experienced mentor, they play ten holes of golf, followed by lunch in the clubhouse.

A rota of experienced members ensures there is always someone to accompany the ‘Beginners’, to guide and teach them the rules and etiquette of the game and answer questions.

The Ladies’ Club also runs a ‘Golf Clinic’, which is open to non-members who wish to learn the game. The next Clinic will be held on Mondays from 1st June until 6th July at 9.45am click here to contact our Secretary.

These Clinics are run by the Club Professional and comprise a series of group coaching sessions teaching the rudiments of the game, followed by a coffee and chat in the Clubhouse.